Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Paintings for Classes

The pictures of the paintings are done on a 12" X 16" stretched canvas. Please let me know the name of the painting you want for class.

The titles of each picture is written on the side of it.
You can view more examples on my web

"Sand Dunes Scene"

"Northern Lights Snow Scene"

"Everglades Egrets"

"Mighty Mountains and Eagle"

"Sunset Palms"

"Cabbage Palms"

"Beached Boat"

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Painting Classes 2010

We have taught at 15 rallies so far this year. The student count is over 380. We are presently in Elkart, Indiana. We will leave here on Friday to attend the escapee's rally in Goshen, Indiana. We are scheduled to teach 2 classes. After that we will be going to 2 Good Sam Rallies. One in Indiana the other in Tennessee. We plan on being back in Florida October 6th. We are now scheduling classes in Florida. If any you want us to come to your subdivision to teach please e mail me at

Fabric Painting

I have been doing some fabric painting and decided to share some of my designs with all my friends and business associates.

Josephine Jones

Josephine Jones
Artist/Certified Instructor